Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

This particular MUFE foundation is classic. It’s not new anymore but it’s still a holy grail foundation for many people. In this post we’re going get through some of the swatches and also take a look at in-depth reviews on Makeup Forever HD Foundation from the Makeup Forever HD range. There will be a demo at the end of the review, so make sure to check that out.


Everybody love makeup swatches since it’s very useful. Here we have 5 color swatches for you. From left to right is the MUFE HD Foundation in the color N110, N115, N125, N140, and N177.

makeup forever hd foundation swatches

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Swatches

And this is what the color looks like on the bottle. It’s pretty much look the same since the bottle is a transparent glass. From top left to the right and so on (clockwise) is N110, N115, N177, and N140.

makeup forever hd foundation swatches

Foundation Color in The Bottle

N110 is the second lightest color from the range, and the lightest one which is N107 is very fair and has more pink base than this. N110 is a bit yellow-ish. We will look at the in depth review of this particular color.

makeup forever hd foundation n110

Second Lighter Color in the Range N110


This foundation come in a black box, as expected from every products of Makeup Forever.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation Box

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

It has a pump to fulfill your sanitary need. These days most makeup brands especially high end take care of the hygiene matter better and always provide pumps in most of the liquid and cream product. And MUFE is no exception.

makeup forever hd foundation reviews

It Has a Pump

The product itself has a liquidy consistency. So you can expect that it will feels really light weight on the skin.

makeup forever hd foundation

The Consistency

It has medium to full coverage with flawless matte finish. It’s not provides full coverage, but definitely buildable which I’m pretty sure it’s because of the light consistency. This product means to stand harsh lighting such as studio or outdoor night lighting. So using this, you’ll look flawless on camera and film.  As you can see from the before-after shot below, this product covers dark circle pretty well.

makeup forever hd foundation

Before After Makeup Forever HD Foundation

One thing to note that this foundation isn’t complete before you apply powder on top of it. It’s because the finish sometime can be a little shiny when using on it’s own. But a dust of powder is enough to bring it to life and make it completely flawless. What this foundation does is pretty much enhances the skin but without dulled it out.

makeup forever hd foundation

Finish Look with Makeup Forever HD Foundation

This foundation works on almost every skin types, whether it’s oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, or blemish free skin. Moisturizing is really essential if you’re wearing this foundation. Because it can be really patched up in very dry skin. So remember to moisturized beforehand. It solves the problem all the time. Finish it up by applying some powder, and the natural flawless skin on camera is yours.

Image Courtesy Goes to Bailey Van Der Veen Youtube Channel [Print Screened]

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