Best Makeup Brushes [Drugstore]

There are so many good and affordable makeup brushes from drugstore brand. You really don’t need your entire brush set to be MAC or Sigma, or other expensive brands. Of course they are great and you got what you pay for, but there are also tons of best makeup brushes alternative available in cheaper price and that work just as well. So, check out what brushes that Kathleen Lights recommend from the drugstore.

Best Face Brushes

This list is going as the order on how you put on your cosmetics. So obviously the first thing you need to put on is foundation. The best brush for foundation according to Kathleen is the Real Technique Buffing Brush. This brush come in a set, the name is Core Collection. You got 4 brushes and that only cost you $18.00. The great thing about this brush is it buffs in the foundation amazingly well.

best makeup brushes

Real Technique Buffing Brush for Foundation

The next brush is for under eye concealer. It’s a holy grail of Kathleen and it’s also from Real Technique. This brush also comes in the Core Collection and it’s the Contour Brush. Obviously it’s made for contouring so it does a great job for that. But it’s also amazing for blending concealer underneath the eyes. If you will get only one brush from this list, it should be this brush because it is that amazing.

best affordabale makeup brushes

Real Technique Contour Brush for Under Eye Concealer

The last Real Technique brush for the face is Real Technique Blush Brush that cost $9.00. This is a good overall brush. You can absolutely use it for blush application, but it’s good for contouring and powder also. This brush works well for bronzing large area of the face such as forehead and the side of the face.

best makeup brushes drugstore

Real Techniques Blush Brush for Blush, Bronzer, and Powder

The next brush is from different brand and it’s Ecotool. It’s the Ecotool Tapered Blush Brush and it cost $6.99. Because it has really pointy tip, it goes into the hollow of the cheekbone really well for contouring. And since it’s Ecotool, it’s eco friendly and cruelty free in general.

best makeup brushes

Ecotool Tapered Blush Brush for Contouring

e.l.f Complexion Brush is also a good one for bronze up the face. It’s only $3.00. The shape is also tapered but a lot more fluffier. You can’t get precise contour with this brush but more like a wide contour.

best makeup brushes drugstore

e.l.f Complexion Brush for Bronzer

Another brush from e.l.f which also really good is the e.l.f Small Stipple Brush. It applies cream highlight and cream contour perfectly. It’s really comparable to the MAC one. It’s very similar and I would definitely say that it’s a dupe. It cost only $3.00.

best makeup brushes

e.l.f Small Stipple Brush for Cream Products

This next brush is also from e.l.f and it’s the Small Tapered Brush. It’s also only $3.00. It’s fluffy so it feels nice to apply powder underneath the eyes to set concealer. It can also be used for highlighting the cheekbone. It’s the dupe for Sigma tapered brush.

best makeup brushes drugstore

Small Tapered Brush for Set Under Eye Concealer

The last face brush that goes in this list is the e.l.f Flawless Concealer Brush. This brush patted the concealer in flawlessly and it’s also a really great contour brush when you want a really strong contour.

best makeup brushes contour

e.l.f Flawless Concealer Brush for Setting Concealer and Contouring

Best Eye Brushes

There are also many good brushes for eye makeup application. The first one is e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” Brush. It’s good to pack colors on the lid.

best makeup brushes elf

e.l.f. Eyeshadow “C” Brush

The second brush is from Ecotool, it is the Flat Eyeliner Brush. It’s flat and super soft so it’s easy for smudging eyeshadow underneath the lashline. It’s good for precise eyeshadow application that is really close to the waterline.


best makeup brushes

Ecotool Flat Eyeliner Brush

The next two brushes is double ended brushes from Ecotool. They come in a set called Eye Enhancing Duo Set. The first brush has Definer Brush in one end which is great for eyebrows and Shader Brush for eyeshadow in the other end. The next brush has Smudger Brush in one side which is good for smudging eyeliner and the other side has small Blending Brush for precise color application on the crease.

best makeup brush duo ecotool

Ecotool Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

The next one is a holy grail eyebrow brush of Kathleen and it’s Royal & Langnickel Soft Grip Artist Brush which only cost her $2.00. This is a stiff brush that comes handy for eyebrow product application.

best eyebrow brush

Royal & Langnickel Soft Grip Artist Brush

The next one is another dupe for Sigma brush, it’s very similar to Sigma E40 and it is the Morphe MB23 Round Blender Brush. It’s just a little bit fluffier than the Sigma one. It buffs the eyeshadow color into the crease so well. And it’s only $5.95 so it can never goes wrong.

best morphe brush

Morphe MB23 Round Blender Brush

Okay, next last is Morphe brush that is a dupe for MAC 217 brush in terms of it’s shape. It’s Morphe MB13 Deluxe Blending Fluff Brush which also only cost $5.95.

best makeup brushes

Morphe MB13 Deluxe Blending Fluff Brush

Now last but not least is still from Morphe, is the MB25 Deluxe Round Blender Brush. Price wise is the same, only $5.95 and it’s great for blending concealer underneath the eyes and it’s also goes really well for blending crease color.

best makeup brushes drugstore

Morphe MB25 Deluxe Round Blender Brush

So that’s all 16 best makeup brushes from 4 different drugstore brands. Go check out those brushes ASAP because they are just amazing.

Image Courtesy Goes to KathleenLights Youtube Channel [print screened]

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