Korean Wedding Hair and Makeup

Korean Wedding Hair Ideas + Tutorial

The latest trend on wedding hair in korea is young and natural. Here is some hair ideas with tutorial from Cha Hong, a professional wedding hair stylist. She’s going to guide you to get the perfect hair style for the big day.

korean wedding hair designer

Korean Hair Designer Cha Hong

She’ll also share tips to pick certain hairstyle that will suit your type of wedding dress, so keep on reading to find out.

#1 Natural C Curl Style

The first hairstyle is Natural C Curl style which is popular among korean celebrities. To get this look, curl the end of the hair with big curling wand. Keep in mind that strong C curl look the best for the occasion.

how to korean wedding hair style

How to Natural C Curl

To keep up with young and natural style, rather than using high tiara, wear a cute headband on top. It also makes the overall look a lot simpler.

korean wedding hair tutorial

High Tiara vs Cute and Low Headband

And the first hair style is complete. This is what it looks like seen from the front.

korean wedding hair ideas

Natural C Curl Hairstyle

#2 Lovely Up Do

If your dress has a lot of details, your hair can look a little bit messy if you let it down. In the other hand, if the up do is too high, it may cause the tiara not look as good. So, what you need is the perfect height that can bring out the tiara.

how to korean wedding hair style

How to Lovely Up Do

This year, flower tiara is trending. Orchid can make the bride look young and classy. Simply put two big orchid look great for this look.

how to korean wedding hair

Flower Tiara is Trend in 2015

So that is the second ideas. Here is what it looks like from the front.

korean wedding hair style

Lovely Up Do Style

#3 Natural Half Do

This style is for brides with long hair. Start by curling the lower half of the hair. And then, bring a piece of hair from each side to the back. Tips: Don’t bring all the hair to the back, but leave some hair down. It gives you the prettier profile.

how to korean wedding hair

Bring All the Hair Back vs Let Some Down

Add a few flowers as a tiara and you’re done.

how to korean hair tutorial for wedding

Add Some Flowers

This is what the hair looks like from the front.

korean hairstyle for wedding

Goddess Hairstyle

#4 Hairstyle for Revealing Dress [Long Hair]

With one shoulder or V-line dress, you can look a little too sexy with an up do. With this braided look, you don’t need to worry about looking too sexy, skinny, or old. First, do the braid.

korean wedding hair how to

Braid The Hair

Then, add a few flowers. It should be small sized flowers, and add it randomly.

korean wedding hair style

Add Some Small Flowers

The hair is now done. Perfect for dresses with revealing upper part.

korean wedding hair

Braided Hair

#5 Hairstyle for Revealing Dress [Short Hair]

Give the hair bold curl all the way.

how to korean wedding hair

Give Short Hair Bold Curl

Add a noticeable accessory as a point for this hairstyle. Make sure to add it at the smaller parting side.

wedding hair style

Add Accessories as a Point

This is the overall look. Perfect to compliment revealing dress.

wedding hair style

Hairstyle for Revealing Dress

#6 Hairstyle for Unrevealing Dress [Long Hair]

Now for the unrevealing dress such as A cut or mermaid dresses, you want a simple and clean hair style.

korean wedding hair

Simple and Clean Hair Style

Even the hair is simple, but the overall look with veil and dress can make it look fancy.

korean wedding hair

Veil Make It Fancier

#7 Hairstyle for Unrevealing Dress [Short Hair]

Make a half up do for short hair. Add a hairpin to give a natural look.

korean wedding hair ideas

Add Hairpin for Natural Look

This is how it looks like from the back.

korean wedding hair ideas

Short Hair Half Up Do

And this one is from the front side.

korean wedding hair

Short Hair Half Up Do Front Side

Korean Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Lee Kyungmin is a professional wedding makeup artist. She’ll do a demo on how to bring out all the strengths of a bride to be. This wedding makeup tutorial is custom made for this particular bride. But, there will be many useful tips that applies to everyone.

korean wedding makeup artist lee kyungmin

Wedding Makeup Artist Lee Kyungmin

For wedding, you want the makeup to stay from the beginning until the end. So it’s important not to put too much product. First, the most important is the base. Spray mist, use moisturizer, and finally a thin layer of foundation. That’s all that you need.

korean wedding makeup

Base Makeup Before After

Next, give a softer profile by contouring the forehead line. You can use eyebrow product that is similar to your hair color. This also makes your face look slimmer.

korean wedding makeup tutorial

How to Round Forehead Line

Next thing is contouring. For a bride, contour the jaw line and down to the neck and shoulder for an overall slimmer look.

korean wedding makeup

Contouring Before After

Use a two tone shade of blush will create a natural flush that is perfect for bride. Use pink tone on the apple of the cheeks, then blend peach shade up to the ear area.

korean wedding makeup

Use 2 Tone Blush for Natural Flush

Moving on to the eyebrows, make it natural with eyebrow palette match your hair color.

korean wedding makeup

Natural Eyebrow Makeup

For the eyes, firstly use a two tone natural eyeshadow color to contour the eyes.

korean wedding makeup

2 Tone Eyeshadow

Then, use two color of eyeliner also which is black and violet. This will create a bigger eyes without looking too strong.

korean wedding makeup tutorial

2 Tone Eyeliner

For the lips, using 2 tone lipstick also. Apply orangish lipstick on the lower lip and a lighter color for the upper lip. Don’t forget to match the volume between upper and lower lip.

korean wedding makeup how to

2 Tone Lipstick

And the wedding makeup look is now done. The whole 2 tone thing create gradation so the overall look more natural like it comes from within. This is a really great tips especially for bride who aim for natural or lovely look.

korean wedding makeup

Korean Wedding Makeup Look

We hope you can look the best for your big day with all these tips. And we will always wishing you a happy wedding life :-)

Image Courtesy Goes to KBS World TV [Print Screened]

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