Korean Makeup Tutorial 2015

Marsala is the trend color of 2015. So, it’s only right that we will use this color for today’s korean makeup tutorial. Marsala is the name of wine produced in Sicily, Italy. It’s a combination color of burgundy and brown. Marsala look in this post is created by korean professional makeup artist, Kim Hyojeong. She’s working with many idols and actors such as SHINee Key, actress Hwang Wooseulhye, Lee Yubi, and singer-actor Yu Junsang. So, with MUA in her level you can really look forward to what kind of look she will create.

Day to Night Makeup Tutorial

Day Makeup

Let’s now begin the fun which is the step by step tutorial. For day makeup you want to have the most natural complexion possible. So a good tips is to mix foundation and primer for moist skin. Apply it with sponge for stroke free application.

korean makeup tutorial step one

Mix Primer and Foundation for Base Makeup

Next you want to do your brows. Use an eyeshadow that match your eyebrow color and gently brush it. Try not to get too much product on your brush because natural finish is the key for day makeup.

korean makeup tutorial

Eyeshadow for Brows

Moving on to eyes, firstly tight line the upper waterline. Make the line thin for this particular look and just overdraw it slightly in the outer part of the eye.

korean makeup tutorial


The next thing of course would be curling your lashes. Do it as close as possible to the roots.

korean makeup how to

Curl The Lashes

Now it’s time to apply the mascara. In here Kim Hyojeong use not just any regular mascara. It’s a clear mascara with fibers in it. It will make lashes look so much longer but look absolutely natural.

korean makeup tutorial

Apply Mascara

Mix marsala colored lipstick with a little bit of concealer. Use it as a cream eyeshadow. Apply it lightly on the outer V of the eyes.

korean makeup tutorial

Mix Marsala Lipstick and Concealer

 Also add shimmery gold eyeshadow in the inner corner for more sophisticated look. Only use marsala color in the eyes would be too dull.

korean makeup tutorial

Apply as a Cream Eyeshadow

Finally the last step for this day makeup look is apply marsala lipstick. And the pure and fresh marsala makeup is now complete.

korean makeup day makeup

Day Makeup Finish Look

Evening Makeup

For more evening-y look, we’re going to intensify the eye makeup just a little bit. Tips: spray mist into burgundy color eyeshadow.

korean makeup how to

Spray Mist to Burgundy Eyeshadow

Now, using an angled eyeliner brush, apply the wet burgundy eyeshadow as eyeliner. Since the model has monolid, MUA Kim Hyojeong draw pretty thick line. But if you do have double eyelid, make it thinner so it looks natural when you open your eyes.

korean makeup

Apply Wet Eyeshadow as Eyeliner

And the evening makeup is done. This look is perfect for dinner appointment after work. It’s elegant yet sophisticated.

korean makeup evening look

Evening Makeup Look

Night Makeup

And now, who want to see how the night makeup will look like? It’s going to be pursue sexy look without looking too scary. First, do the underline makeup with black eye pencil.

how to do korean makeup

Apply Eye Pencil to Bottom Line

Then, use a grey eyeshadow to intensify the eye makeup. We don’t use more marsala, but grey will bring both of the color together for a sexier look.

korean makeup how to

Apply Grey Eyeshadow

And the last makeup look is done. Perfect for night out.

korean night makeup tutorial

Night Makeup Look

Do you think you can rock this day to night makeup look? It’s actually works for any kind of color and not just marsala. Tell me in the comment, which look you like the best and which one you would most likely do :-)

Image Courtesy Goes to KBS World TV [print screened]

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