Korean Makeup Battle

Who is the first idol that comes to your mind when people talk about korean makeup? Is it Suzy of MissA who filmed countless of CFs (a.k.a Commercial Films) for major makeup brands? Or is it the new rising star, AOA Seolhyun, that recently becoming a hot topic for her beauty.

MissA Suzy is known for her innocent beauty for years now. Despite having extreme good look, she doesn’t let it overshadowed her ability. From singing to acting and even modelling, she always does incredible job. Many of her dramas hit 20+ percents of rating. Her movies are also becoming hot topic, always. Even her album, along with fellow member of MissA also doing great.

Korean Makeup Face AOA Seolhyun

Korean Makeup-Face AOA Seolhyun

On the other hand, there’s a new comer and she is AOA Seolhyun. She might not in Suzy level yet, but she’s developing a lot of popularity and gaining interest from many people. It’s probably because the more you see her, the more beautiful she got. I don’t know if it’s her makeup or anything else but she becoming more and more beautiful nowadays. People even rave about her a lot. In term of ability, she’s a decent singer, she stars in a drama that doing quite well, and she also filmed a couple of CFs.

So, Korean Makeup-Face Title Goes To…

To be honest and objective, if we try to crown one of them as Korean Makeup-Face, the one that most likely more appropriate is MissA Suzy. Why? Because she’s been doing a great job for a long time and many people still can’t get enough of her beauty. Even though she’s a grown up now and her makeup style is more mature, she still got the innocent vibe of hers. Seolhyun in contrary, still needs to develop even more, whether is her singing, acting, or modelling skill. Hopefully, someday soon we can see her in Suzy level. Finger crossed.

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