Korean Beauty Standards

Let’s discuss some general korean beauty standards for a little bit. You probably heard something like fair skin, v shape jaw line, and big eyes as their beauty standards. But that’s not all. There are bunch of specific beauty standards and that’s differ between gender and it’s different also for foreigners. Of course it can change from time to time and not everyone agree about all of that. But still, it applies most of the time between Koreans and even to other Asians in some cases.

Korean Beauty Standards [Female]

Okay, so first, let’s talk about the standard for female. This is probably the most detailed standards. First thing that Koreans tend to observe is the size of someone’s head aka proportion. For head size, the smaller is the better. Korean singer Ivy is known for her small head and many people including celebrities envy that. The ideal head: body ratio is 1:8 and it applies to both male and female.

korean beauty standards small face

Ivy’s [Left] Small Head is Considered Beautiful and Proportional in Korea

Second thing is the forehead. Full round forehead is considered more beautiful either than the flat one or the one with a pronounced browbone.

Korean Beauty Standards

Round Forehead is Beautiful in Korea

How about eyebrows? High eyebrows means it has noticeable distance to the eyes, it’s prettier than the one that is too close to them.

korean beauty standards

High Eyebrows is Beautiful in Korea

For eyelid area, there are two things that we need to consider. First, the area itself. The pretty one is the flat one, and in contrary, the sunken one is not pretty because it makes people look older. The second thing is the lid. Of course you are all aware that double eyelid is necessary for female to look beautiful in Korea. But at the moment the half way double eyelid is more popular. It’s basically double eyelid that start from the middle of the eyes. And don’t forget about the eyes, they have to be big.

Lately, the ideal shape of nose is the one that is medium high with round tip. High nose in girl consider unnatural and even unattractive. For jaw, v shape is still preferable eventhough it’s not as important as before. Someone with square even round jaw still can be beautiful if she meets the other criteria above.

korean beauty standards eyes

Double Eyelid, High Nose with Round Tip, and V Shape Jaw Line is Beautiful in Korea

And last but not least, beautiful girl is preferably to have fair skin. Pretty girl with tanned skin is okay, but even better if she’s fair. Finally, in addition to cuteness, aegyo sal is almost a must.

korean beauty standards fair skin

Fair Skin in Beautiful in Korea

Korean Beauty Standards [Male]

For male, the standards are not as strict as female. If someone is handsome, then he is, despite not having certain best feature. Let me give two example of male celebrities that is well known to be handsome. They are Kim Soo Hyun and member of Infinite, L. You will see that both of them has different forehead, eyes, nose, and jaw line, but they are both very attractive.

korean beauty standards male

Kim Soo Hyun is Handsome in Korea

Kim Soo Hyun has defined forehead, mono eyelid, quite-high nose with medium width, inverted triangle jaw, and a little bit definition on his cheek. His eyes is medium in size and he has a subtle aegyo sal.

korean beauty standards male

Infinite L is Handsome in Korea

L has a similar defined forehead only not as strong, he has a little bit double eyelid, higher and slimmer nose, oval jaw line, and softer cheekbone. Same with Kim Soo Hyun, Infinite L also has medium size eyes and aegyo sal. So, now you can see that both faces are very different but they are known to be handsome in Korea.

But one thing that is important for male is that they have to be tall to be attractive. Both Kim Soo Hyun and Infinite L are exactly 180 cm tall. 170 cm pretty much the superficial minimum standard for guy.

Korean Beauty Standards for Foreigners

korean beauty standards for foreigners

Megan Bowen is Beautiful in Korea

Unless you’re foreigners from Asian, Korean people will barely try to define your beauty. Sometime it’s a little complicated because Korean doesn’t like other Korean that has curly hair, but foreigners with natural curly hair can be considered very beautiful. There are many things that didn’t applicable to foreigners but the one that does are head size, eyes, nose, height, and body line (S line, X line).

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