Korean Beauty Secrets

Korean Beauty Definition

What is korean beauty? Apparently, in South Korea there are certain facial features that believed to be beautiful and some that consider don’t. For example, having fair skin, high nose bridge, and pointy jaw are considered to make someone look beautiful. That is one of the korean beauty secrets. In contrary, darker skin, flat nose, and round jaw shape is consider not so beautiful.  There’s also another thing called facial ratio. These days, the trend is to have 1:1:0.8 facial ratio. Those three numbers represent the distance of forehead to eye brows, eye brows to nose tip, and nose tip to chin [koreaboo].

Some idols that consider to have good facial ratio is including SNSD Yoona, AOA Seolhyun, and Red Velvet Irene. With 1:1:0.8 ratio, it means that they have the same length between their forehead to their eye brows and from eye brows to the nose tip. And then from their nose tip to their chin, the distance is a little bit shorter. That makes the ratio perfect because the appearance look fairly younger and sharper.

Korean Beauty Secrets from Kpop Idols and Models

So, how to be beautiful in korea? Let’s see some korean beauty secrets on makeup and skin care tips from some well known South Korean kpop idols and models. Since they take care of their skin as well as their body more than anything else, you can expect some really great tips.

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Tips to Make Skin Looks Healthier

Fist beauty tips comes from Girls Day Minah. She said that she tends to put oil products on her body to moisturized and make it looks healthy. It’s best to use organic oil since it’s healthier and safer for the skin.

korean beauty secrets

Tips for Soft Smokey Eyes

The second one is from sexy queen Gain. Her tips for smokey eyes is to draw the eyeliner downwards. If you draw them upwards, some time it looks intimidating. So, to make it looks softer but still sexy, draw it slightly downwards.

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Tips When Washing Your Face

The third tips is about the method of washing your face. It might be take a longer time than usual, but try to wash using only both of your ring fingers. It prevents irritation caused by cleansing too harsh. Especially the day when you put on full face of makeup all day long, your skin tend to be more sensitive.

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Tips After Washing Your Face

Forth tips is for after washing your face. You want your face to keep face moisturized even after washing it. What you can do is to put cold cutton all over your face. Also, don’t use towel to dry your face after washing it, but let it air dry instead.

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Tips for Serum Application

The fifth and last tips is also to lock moisturize on the face. A good tips that you can do is to reapply hydration serum for a tiny bit amount. What it means is that first, you apply it in regular amount. Let it dry, and then put another layer but this time make it thinner. This will helps your skin to sty hydrated all day.

So that’s all the secret tips that we’ve collected from kpop idols as well as Korean international models. Do that at home and you can achieve your own definition of korean beauty.

Image Courtesy Goes to KBS World TV [print screened]

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