Best Korean Beauty Products Ch 01

best korean beauty products

Chapter 01 Best Korean Lip Tint

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Best korean beauty products is an article series with approximately 10 or so chapters, covering top 5 korean beauty products everyday. This series contents honest review from beauty panel, a group of 3 korean women who are all beauty craze. In this first chapter, we are going to look at the world of lip tint. There are 5 lip tints to review and each lip tint comes from different brand. The brands will remain secret until the very end of the article, so you can guess while reading the review. Enjoy :-)

Lip Tint #1 The Mother of All Lip Tint

It’s only right to call this product the mother of lip tint because when there is no lip tint in Korea, this product came out and introduce the wonder of lip tint. It’s a water lip tint and it gives a natural look.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #1 Review

Let’s talk about the good side of this particular tint. First of all, the color is pretty and looks natural. That’s probably why it’s easy to wear, essential when you need lip product with quick application.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #1 Natural Color

On the other hand, let’s review some of the cons. The packaging in overall isn’t good, the brush is somewhat feels weak and because the lid opens easily, the product leaked sometime when you carry it around in makeup pouch. Formulation wise, it’s decent as a blush, but for the lips, it’s dry by itself, so lip balm is a must. After a while it only stays inside your lips which is not pretty so you need to fix that and reapply throughout the day.

Lip Tint #2 It Item

The panel describe this lip tint as an it-item, which every woman have it in their makeup pouch. It’s hot among celebrities too, actress such as Jun Jihyun and Rhee Minjung use it.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #2 Review

Some of the postitive feedback from the panel is the color is so vivid and pretty, the finish is glossy so no need to put on lipgloss on top, and the formulation is great as well. It’s so moisturizing even by its own, which is rare for a lip tint. The tip of the applicator is so unique and make it convenient  to draw the lip line.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #2 Moisturizing and Vivid Color

The only drawback is that it’s pretty thick so you can’t layer the application. If you apply it too thick and speak for a long time, you may feel clumps build up. And it’s actually depend on how much you willing to spend for a good lip tint, but many people feel that the price is a bit steep.

Lip Tint #3 Younger Version of Product Number 1

This is the younger aka cheaper version of product number 1 and that’s probably why it’s popular among teens.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #3 Review

Compared with #1, it has a little bit longer lasting ability even though it’s not long enough for it to stay all day. And it’s slightly more moisturizing.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #3 Decent Lasting Ability

Some of the drawbacks are the color doesn’t removed as easily as #1, it leaves a little bit of residue. The color isn’t as lovely and natural as #1 (see on picture above: #3 left #1 right). Even though when you first apply it the color looks vivid, it disappears gradually so you need to reapply.

Lip Tint #4 New Rising Star

Just as it sound, it’s a new product and it’s so popular among teens just like product number 3. It has double lid which is pretty useless and a bit weird.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #4 Review

The only good thing about it is the lasting ability. It lasts probably the longest between 5 products on this list. Teenager blindly like it just because this one reason.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #4 Long Lasting

It’s actually not a good product, for many reasons. First of all, it’s dry. To be fair, it feels moist at first but later it becomes so dry to the extend that it leaves blotches on the dead skin. The packaging isn’t the best either. Apart from the double lid thingy, it takes so much room in makeup pouch so it’s nowhere near practical. The color is so vivid to the extend that it won’t come off.

Lip Tint #5 Simple Packaging, Great Formula

Best formula overall. It’s water tint but it’s not dry. Water tint is a product that made by mixing purified water and coloring agent so usually there’s no moisture at all. But this one contains argan oil, that’s why it has subtle moist feeling. It’s perfect for daily use.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #5 Review

The only flaw is, the packaging is too simple, no amazing design or anything like that thus make it looks cheap. For people who have their pride on their makeu products, this is not for you.

best korean beauty products

Lip Tint #5 Best Formula

Beside the great formula, this product also very cheap. You can get it by skip one cup of coffee in the morning, that’s how much it cost.

Identity of Top 5 Best Korean Beauty Products This Week
  1. Benefit Benetint
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge pur Couture Glossy Stain
  3. Peripera Peri’s Tint Water
  4. Tony Moly Shaking Tint Delight
  5. Aritaum Style Pop Water Tint

Best Korean Lip Tint

After long in-depth review, it’s finally time to decide the winner and give the title of the best korean lip tint. So, the honor of best korean beauty products chapter 1, lip tint, goes to…

best korean beauty products

Best Korean Lip Tint

The reason why korean beauty columnist, Baek Jisu, choose number 1 Benefit Benetint is because it has the prettiest color among all. The other two members of the panel, beauty youtuber Lee Eunyeong and beauty blogger Kim Huiseon, choose number 5 Aritaum Style Pop Water Tint because it’s cheap but the formula is great for daily use.

Image Courtesy KBS World TV Beauty Bible

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