Best Korean Beauty Products Ch 08

best korean foundation

Chapter 08 Best Korean Foundation

In this chapter of best Korean beauty products series, we’ll review top 5 best Korean foundation. Not just any type of foundation, this time we’ll look specifically into the most basic type which is liquid foundation.

#1 Best Foundation for Oily Skin

The first product is known to be the best liquid foundation for oily skin. But, the color has an overall yellow tone to it so it doesn’t quite match Asian pink tones. Especially in South Korea, women prefer to wear slightly brighter tones with their foundation. However, this color is great for people with darker skin tone. The yellow tone can help brighten the complexion.

best korean foundation

Korean Foundation #1 Review

Good thing about this foundation is a little bit goes a long way. A tiny amount can provide good coverage. It lasts long and has a filter effect like a camera app. Because it is made for people with oily skin, it does remove your sebum. That’s why it can feels dry for people with dry skin.

#2 Cheaper Version of Number 1

It’s a dupe for foundation #1 with cheaper price. It lasts for a really long time and stucks to the skin really well. But, different from foundation #1, this is not a full coverage foundation, almost like tinted BB cream.

best korean foundation

Korean Foundation #2 Review

The finish is look moist and dewy but it feels tight inside, an obvious dry feeling. It clumps if you apply by dotting it to the entire face, so you must apply bit by bit. You also need to control your tone so it doesn’t look cakey.

#3 Gives The Face a Great Dimension

The glow is great and it lasts for a long time. It also makes your face look small, by stick to the finest scales of your skin so along with the light it gives the face a great dimension.

best korean foundation

Korean Foundation #3 Review

But the tone is considered too natural for South Korean women preference. It has a yellow tone similar to foundation #1.

#4 Hollywood Stars Love It

This product is loved by many Hollywood stars. One of the beauty panel member, beauty columnist Baek Jisu, waited desperately for it to come to Korea but it doesn’t par with the expectation. There’s beige and ash tone in the range which is great for western people, but not so much for Asian especially South Korean peoople.

best korean foundation

Korean Foundation #4 Review

It feels like a mixture of primer and foundation so when you apply it the layer seem to be separate. The coverage is very thin. It’s a truly transparent makeup, it’s nearly zero coverage. But, it’s still pretty good considering the price.

#5 Reliable Brand in Makeup Pouch and Vanity

First of all, they have warm and cool tone in the color range. It feels like BB cream with good coverage because the moisture is good. It looked natural and had good coverage. It makes your skin looks good and the price is not so bad either. It contains serum so it makes your face look moist. It’s great to cover dark circles area.

best korean foundation

Korean Foundation #5 Review

The downside of this foundation is: it makes your face appear bigger. It doesn’t have the effect from foundation #3 which gives dimension like hard-boiled egg.

Identity of Top 5 Best Korean Beauty Products This Week
  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup
  2. MISSHA Signature Radiance Foundation
  3. MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation
  4. Revlon ColorStay Makeup
  5. Innisfree Mineral Moisture

Best Korean Foundation

  • People with oily skin love foundation #1 Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup. Nothing can beat this foundation in terms of oil control.
  • People with dry skin chose #3 MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation because it makes their skin looks pretty like a hard-boiled egg even though slightly expensive or #5 Innisfree Mineral Moisture because it’s cheap.

Now, for the long awaited list is of course the beauty panel’s personal choices. And the winner for today’s best Korean beauty products is…

best korean foundation

Best Korean Beauty Products: Korean Foundation

Beauty blogger Kim Huiseon pick number #2 MISSHA Signature Radiance Foundation. It’s a bit pricey because it’s sold only at regular shop but the brand has a monthly sale

Beauty columnist Baek Jisu pick number #3 MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation because it makes her face look smaller.

Beauty youtuber Lee Eunyeong surprisingly doesn’t like any of the 5 products above. The best option is number #3 MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation but it’s only suit her skin during winter time. She doesn’t use it in summer. For number #1 Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, it’s actually a really good foundation but the color doesn’t suit her preference so she doesn’t use it that much.

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