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Chapter 07 Best Korean Mascara

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Best Korean mascara lineup for 2015 is here for today’s best Korean makeup products series. Mascara is always important for girls because it opens up the eyes and make it looks sparkle. Eyeliner just shaping your eyes, but mascara can really make them look bigger. Let’s look at the in-depth review based on the experience of the beauty panel:

#1 Best Seller that Sells 1 Every Second

This mascara is the million-seller mascara of the brand. It’s a brand that birth mascara.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #1 Brush

The brush is really dense so it holds a lot of liquid. For people who got eyelash extension, this product helps with curling and is long lasting. It gives a lot of volume, it’s really dramatic. But volume mascara has a weak point, it falls off pretty easily.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #1 Application

The brush is considered too big for Asian eyes. It’s okay for upper lashes but it’s impossible for short bottom lashes. Overall, the formula is for Asian eyes but the brush is not.

#2 Cheap and Popular Mascara

It curls your lashes properly. The more you put on, the more volume you get.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #2 Brush

Curling, volume and lasting power, everything about this mascara is just great. It opens up your eyes dramatically. The brush is made of rubber which is great for separating. The brush is short so it’s perfect for small eyes.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #2 Application

One of the flaw is that it doesn’t come off. Eye makeup that is hard to cleanse tend to irritate the skin. Sometime you can lose your lashes trying to get it off, if you rub too much some lashes can get plucked. Another downside is, it has a dual brush that it hard to tell when you use it. One side is short and the other side is curved but there wasn’t much point to it.

#3 Great Mascara from Famous Brand

You’ll know if you just look at the shape of the bottle. The holder is also unique shape, it’s curved.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #3 Brush

It has rubber brush which is again good for separation. It had great lengthening effect but it’s clump. You had to touch it up with a Q-tip.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #3 Application

But it’s the best in terms of not smearing. It’s not a product for people with straight lashes because they’d droop right down with this mascara.

#4 Magic Stick Mascara

This is another type of ancestor. It’s sold extremely well among Korean road shop mascaras.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #4 Brush

First of all, the brush looks very unique. It’s a renewed version but the brush shape remains the same. This mascara gives you lengthening and volume at the same time. It’s washable in warm water so it’s smears as soon as your eyes get watery and it falls off.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #4 Application

Before the renewal, it gave your lashes a nice lift but now your lashes curl then bend down. Lengthening is very important but this makes your lashes bend like foxtail. It’s because the new one contain a more moisture than the original one so it lose its styling point. There was no drooping before.

#5 Dual Mascara

It’s dual type means it has 2 type of brush: extreme and skinny. Well, actually the extreme one is actually not that extreme, it’s just a normal brush.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #5 Brush

The greatest strength from this mascara is the little brush. It’s very tiny and flexible so you could apply it evenly to each lash and it’s the best for under the eyes.

korean mascara

Korean Mascara #5 Application

However, it’s not good for people with only few lashes because you can literally count each lashes after using this. It’s too lacking in volume. After washing your face, you may found smearing under your eyes with this mascara.
It’s a little expensive for a road shop product. And it’s shame that it smears a lot.

Tips to Choose the Right Mascara for Straight Lashes

how to choose the right mascara

How to Choose Mascara for Straight Lashes

There’s a simple test for mascara. Get oil paper and dab the mascara on it then turn the paper around. If the color look black from the back as well, then it’s good for straight lashes. If the product look gray, then it’s not gonna last in straight lashes.

Identity of Top 5 Best Korean Beauty Products This Week
  1. Maybelline Colossal Mascara
  2. Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara
  3. Lancome Grandiose Mascara
  4. Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara
  5. Nature Republic Dual Stretch Mascara

Best Korean BB Cushion Compacts

  • For mascara number #1 Maybelline Colossal, 6 out of 10 women had this one in their pouches. So those who used this kept using this.
  • In mascara number #2 Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix‘s case, despite it not having been around for that long, everyone had used this at least once. It was really famous. Those in their 20s like this because it had the best curling effect and it didn’t fall off.

Now let’s see how the beauty panel decided their choice for mascara. The winner for today’s best Korean beauty products is…

korean mascara

Best Korean Beauty Products: Mascara

Beauty blogger Kim Huiseon pick number #1 Maybelline Colossal. The reason is, sometime they have “buy one get one free offers” so it’s a gain if you buy it then. It had great volume too.

Beauty columnist Baek Jisu and beauty youtuber Lee Eunyeong in love with mascara number #2 Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix. They think it’s satisfying in every sense, curling, volume, and lasting power. It is the best for the doll-like eyes.

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