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Chapter 06 Best Korean BB Cushion Compacts

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Today, we’re discussing and reviewing the latest trend of best korean beauty products, which is korean BB cushion aka korean cushion foundation. It’s definitely a must have item in Korea, even for celebrities. Cushion compacts are so popular because they’re convenient. You don’t need separated sun-cream, foundation, and powder, you just need this one product. This item is called the pride of K-beauty because it’s originated in Korea. So, here’s the list of top 5 best korean cushion compacts.

#1 Winter Cushion Compact

This winter cushion is literally perfect for winter time because it makes your skin moist and glowing while gives you good coverage.

korean bb cushion

Cushion Compacts #1 Review

The time you dab this on, your skin starts to glow. It’s also feels light and look pretty natural.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #1 Good Coverage but Light and Natural

However, because there’s too much moisture in the product, possibly they put too much ampoule and essence ingredients in the products, it becomes very messy.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #1 Too Much Moisture Ingredients

Another downside is, other cushion compacts have a refill but this one doesn’t. It’s okay because it’s cheap, but it will be a lot more convenient if they want to provide a refill.

#2 National Cushion Compacts

No other cushion compact can beat this product in terms of popularity. This is the kind of product that you’ll find on every Korean girl’s makeup pouch. Most likely because Jun Jihyun in drama My Love from Another Star making it popular.

korean bb cushion

Cushion Compacts #2 Review

So first of all, the coverage feels light and natural. But for some people they feel like it didn’t provide their desired coverage. This cusion compact has a subtle cooling effect.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #2 Minimal Coverage

It gets a little overwhelming when they keep developing it. The company keep adding different stuff to it and it becomes worse. It’s also doesn’t get more glowing the more you dab it on, things that you generally get with other cushion.

#3 Always Sells Out on Home Shopping Network

It’s the product where the host applies to only half of her face and it becomes sold out.

korean bb cushion

Cushion Compacts #3 Review

In terms of coverage, it is medium. The product sticks to the face better than any other cushion compacts on the list. But, you need to reapply it after an hour or two because it gets absorbed aka sucked into the skin.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #3 Medium Coverage

The downside is, the color is too red for some Asian skin tone. Also, if we describe the number #2 product as BB cream, this one is just like concealer, a bit heavy. There are many people who love it but there are just as much people who hate it.

#4 Idol Cushion

You’ll se this product everywhere in Korea because they have the advertisement planted on buses.

korean bb cushion

Cushion Compacts #4 Review

First of all, between all 5 compact cushions in this post, this one is the longest lasting. The brightening effect of it is amazing. You can see that right after you applied it. But, since the color is so bright, you might ended up looking like wearing a kabuki mask. So be careful about the amount you using.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #4 Glowing Like a Spring Day

You need to be careful when carrying it around because the case is weak. If you drop it, it can be won’t close shut later. Even the non original product, the one from different series, are also weak. One of the beauty panel have 5 of these from different series and the case 2 of them are broken.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #4 Weak Case

And the last thing, different from other brand, the puff for this product is yellow as opposed to blue, just saying.

#5 The Most Cost-Effective

This is hot item in Korea at the moment. It feels hyrating so compare to the other, you don’t feel dry when you put it on.

korean bb cushion

Cushion Compacts #5 Review

In terms of coverage, this one is the best among 5. It almost feel like having stage lighting shine on your face.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #5 Full Coverage

It’s cheap but if you don’t cotrol the amount, it looks made up and not natural. A lot gets on the puff with one dab, like the puff gets soaked. It’s also kind of look gray at night, almost like the first generation BB cream effect. They gray can make your face look dark and pale at the same time.

cushion compacts

Cushion Compacts #5 Hard to Control the Amount

It’s also worth to point out that all 5 products above are in the same color, number 21. But none of them are actually looking the same. That’s saying that there’s no standard color for number 21 in Korea. So it’s useful to search for review before deciding to buy.

Identity of Top 5 Best Korean Beauty Products This Week
  1. Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion
  2. Iope Air Cushion XP
  3. Verite UV cushion
  4. Lalavesi Cushion
  5. Missha Magic Cushion

Best Korean BB Cushion Compacts

  • Number #2 Iope Air Cushion XP is the national cushion so it’s not surprising that a lot of people using it and loving it.
  • People simply idolize or trust brand number #4 Lalavesi Cushion so much to the extend that the beauty panel call it idol cushion. It is probably because they tend to response to their customer’s complain quickly.
  • People with limited budget go for cushion compact number #5 Missha Magic Cushion because it’s the most cost-effective one.

So, it’s time for the beauty panel to decide. And the winner of best korean bb cushion compacts are…

cushion compacts

Best Korean Beauty Products: Korean BB Cushion Compacts

Beauty columnist Baek Jisu and beauty youtuber Lee Eunyeong pick number #1 Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion. Even though it’s a winter cushion, it’s a great product to put on as a base before the summer cushion at summer time to make them long lasting. And for women over 30, this one makes them look younger because it makes the skin look firmer.

Beauty blogger Kim Huiseon pick number #3 Verite UV cushion. Its moist feeling is long lasting, it sticks well, and it’s an overall excellent cushion compact according to her experience.

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