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best korean beauty products

Chapter 03 Best Concealer

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It’s now time for another chapter of best korean beauty products series and this we will look into the world of concealer. For those who understand makeup, concealer isn’t always about coverage and there are a lot of aspects to consider. So, let’s start to review top 5 best korean concealer at the moment :-)

Concealer #1 The Most Popular 2015

The first concealer is very popular among youtubers all over the world. It’s probably the first concealer in the world that has sponge applicator.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #1 Review

This product great as a concealer and even as a foundation because it has decent coverage and it’s very moist and adhesive. The sponge applicator make it convenient to cover wide area such as under eyes but in the other hand make it difficult to make tiny dots to cover blemishes.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #1 Easy for Wide Area

The sponge aplicator make it looks dirty and unsanitary the more you use it, almost felt like germs will pop out. One trick is to take off the sponge and just use another tool to apply it.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #1 Sponge Applicator

Another thing to remember is that the lid is a bit weak so after a few days in your makeup pouch it will get loose and even fall off. So, you need to be careful not to let big disaster happen. The coverage isn’t really to cover blemishes so it’s not full coverage but a bit on the medium side. However, it’s great for highlighting and good enough to cover dark circle.

Concealer #2 Popular Among Makeup Artist

Every korean makeup artist has this brand’s concealer. It’s a high end brand so the price is relatively high.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #2 Review

First of all, the size is perfect for on the go. It has sharp elastic tip brush which is great for applying the product lightly. It applied smoothly on under eye circle.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #2 Sharp Elastic Tip

Concealer usually only has minimum color range but this one has 6 colors to choose from.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #2 Wide Color Range

Sometime it splatters when you open it so be careful if you wear white shirt. Another drawback is it doesn’t last a long time. It’s a good product but a bit lacking to wear by itself.

Concealer #3 Popular Among Bloggers

This concealer is highly popular concealer among bloggers. It’s the only solid concealer on the list.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #3 Review

The texture feels like it will cover really well and it is. It’s actually great as foundation as well because the color brightens up the face. Many also use it as highlighter. As a concealer, it’s great for covering dark or red areas and it’s even fills up minor dents as well. To achieve thin layer to cover blemishes, you can use your finger to dab the color.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #3 Solid Concealer

Because it’s solid type, it can sink to your wrinkles. It’s also a bit dry when you apply it. For people with dry skin it will most likely clump. Because of its color, if you try to apply it over blue area, the blue will turn green so enough to say that it’s not designated for blue areas. And last thing, if you don’t control the amount wisely it may end up looing too thick like bridal makeup.

Concealer #4 Concealer Kit

This concealer comes in a little kit along with pressed powder.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #4 Review

It has perfect coverage especially for dark discoloration but it creates visible boundary and doesn’t look natural. It’s the only concealer that has mirror in it which is very useful.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #4 Has a Mirror But No Tool

The only flaw is there’s no tool provided to apply the powder. And if you try to use makeup brush to take the pressed powder, it goes all over the concealer.

Concealer #5 2 in 1 Concealer

This product is probably one of the best korean concealer. It’s a double ended product which you got the stick type on one end and liquid one on the other end.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #5 Review

The liquid concealer is great for covering dark circles as well as spots, which is rare to find these days since concealer tend to be more specific for certain area.

best korean beauty products

Concealer #5 Good for Dark Circles and Spots

But, the stick one isn’t as good as the liquid. It looks somehow dark and a bit coarse so it’s not very good for covering wide areas. The stick type is dry so it gets in the wrinkles easily if you use it around the eyes. However, it can be easily spread out once in a while.

Identity of Top 5 Best Korean Beauty Products This Week
  1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer
  2. MAC Mineralize Perfectly Finished Concealer
  3. Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream
  4. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
  5. The Face Shop Face&it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil

The Best Concealer in Korea

So, which concealer get the honor of the best korean beauty products today? The beauty panel’s choices are…

best korean beauty products

Best Concealer

Number 3 Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream is great to bring out the strength rather than covering the flaws. It’s useful product for highlighting and cover red spots. This also proof that covering isn’t really everything when it comes to concealer.

Number 5 The Face Shop Face&it Radiance Concealer Dual Veil has great effect considering the price and it’s satisfactory because it literally has 2 products.

Number 1 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer plus number 3 Malu Wilz Camouflage Cream being chosen together because you can’t only focus on one aspect. For the makeup to be flawless you need to cover everything. You can use Maybelline one to cover wide areas and Malu Wilz for areas needs more coverage.

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