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best korean beauty products

Chapter 02 Best Pore Minimizing Makeup Primer

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Today’s topic on best korean beauty products series is pore minimizing makeup primer. The right makeup primer can make your skin look like porcelain. But when it goes wrong, it’s the total opposite, it makes your makeup clumps and messy. So it’s important to know which product work best for you. With this as a guide, you can follow which one best for your own skin types.

Especially in this dry season such as fall and winter, pores are becoming more visible. One product can change your whole look. So let’s start with product number one.

Primer #1 Basic

This is the basic of makeup primer. A product which is widely used all around the world.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #1 Review

There are many reasons why this primer is used and loved by many. First of all, it’s so smooth and dry, almost feels like baby’s bottom. A little goes a long way, you just need half the amount of other primer, and it will cover all of the area. And most importantly, it goes into all the pores, make them less visible.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #1 A Little Goes a Long Way

However, it clumps a little bit for people with dry skin, but not completely messy. People with oily skin like it, but it’s actually pretty good for all skin types.

Primer #2 Classic

There’s a reason why this primer called the classic and it’s because there was no development at all regarding it’s formula whats over.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #2 Review

Application wise, the moisture in this primer make application so slippery and silky. It has a pump so it’s easy to control the amount of each use. It’s smooth and feels like your makeup will apply well. It’s also feels very lightweight on the face. It’s good for oily skin types.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #2 It Has a Pump

It doesn’t minimize pores. It does seem to clump up. It’s more suitable for people with normal skin, but not too bad for oily skin. But, since the texture is silky, it feels like a barrier and a bit stuffy. People with oily skin will either love or hate it.

Primer #3 Pot Type

The only makeup primer with pot type packaging on the list.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #3 Review

First of all, it feels like pudding. It’s actually good to soothe hand wrinkles too and really gets in between the wrinkles. Secondly, it feels like it went in between the skin and foundation and make them stick together tightly. It’s highly recommended for people with big pores and oily skin.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #3 Thick Consistency

For people with sensitive skin, it’s not necesseraly bad since it still has moisture. It’s actually pretty similar to #1 but a bit more thicker.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #3 No Spatula

It has no spatula, which is a drawback, in the sense of hygiene. Moreover, when you jam your finger into the jar, the product bound to get under the nails. But, it’s actually easy to replace the spatula with cotton swab or just getting the product the other way (with your nails).

Primer #4 Overall “OK” Product

There is always one product that is just so-so. You can’t absolutely love it or hate it because it’s great in a way, but it isn’t that amazing. This product is just like that.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #4 Review

Everything about this primer is just average, nothing too outrageous. If you have only small pores, this is good enough for you because it’s already has the blurring effect. Anyone can use it, it’s useful especially for beginner in makeup primer world. And it’s also very affordable, which is probably why it’s not that great.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #4 Blurring Effect

One flaw about this product is it doesn’t control oiliness nor minimize pores perfectly. It does that a little bit, but not cover it flawlessly.

Primer #5 Hot Item

Number 5 is it item, it’s highly popular at the moment. And for a reason, because when you use it, your skin gets nice and tight. It has visible lifting, means it reflects the light, so it’s suitable for those in their late 20s.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #5 Review

It’s so smooth as if it’s a moisturizing cream, so moist and feels light. That’s why it’s best for people with dry skin.

best korean beauty products

Makeup Primer #5 It Item

This primer is a price bully. It’s so expensive, but it’s actually worth it.

Identity of Top 5 Best Korean Beauty Products This Week
  1. Benefit Porefessional
  2. Banila Co Prime Primer Classic
  3. L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer
  4. A’PIEU Start Up Pore Primer
  5. Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector

Best Korean Makeup Primer

After considering every aspects, it’s finally time for the panel to decide the winner and give the title of the best pore minimizing makeup primer. So, the honor of best korean beauty products chapter 2, pore minimizing makeup primer, goes to…

best korean beauty products

Best Pore Minimizing Makeup Primer

This time all beauty panel members choose different primer. Beauty columnist, Baek Jisu choose number 5 Bobbi Brown Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector. She thinks covering pores isn’t everything. Controlling oil is also important, and this one does the job the best. Beauty blogger Kim Huiseon choose number 4 A’PIEU Start Up Pore Primer due to its good price and decent result. And last but not least, beauty youtuber Lee Eunyeong choose number 1 Benefit Porefessional because it minimizes the pores perfectly.

We hope this post helpful for you to decide the best korean beauty product for you, in this case makeup primer. Check out the next chapter which is top 5 concealer tomorrow. See you :-)

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