Business Life: New Youtube Teacher

Gary Vaynerchuck in one of his videos, 6 MINS FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE, made me realize how lucky I am to live right now in this digital marketing era, only in my 20s. The 18 years old me started to have a dream to be a digital/ internet marketer which lead me to learn so many things a lot of my friends missed. From SEO to Facebook advertising, I learned quite enough to start a marketing business for me to get pure profit not less than 30+ million rupiahs from a single product in a good 2 months. That’s my May to June 2016 record.

In another video, Overnight Success, Gary made me realize that there’s no such thing as overnight success. Successful people look like they are lucky on the surface, but on the inside, it was all pure hard work and talent. You can’t get lucky without being in the right place and follow the right track for a good period of time. Every single day, they’ll do what other people don’t. To be able to do things you like for the rest of your life and make enough money out of it, you need passion and patience.

Gary is officially becoming one of my business mentor now, thanks to my big time mentor, Bramantya Farid, who introduced him through his short video, A 5 Minute Plea To “Do”. My favorite quote from him so far:
– Test and learn, test and learn, test and learn
– I don’t need to buy the Jets, I need to TRY to buy the Jets
– No more reading. No more consuming. Time to do

So, yes, Gary I will test and learn and use data. Let’s start by testing 9 products at the same time, tonight. I’ll come back tomorrow and report whether the massive testing method works for me or not. But I’m sure it will be :-)

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